SunPatiens Planting Party

SunPatiens Planting Party

Jun 07 , 2018

I’m a big fan of having friends gather around an activity. I love hosting planting parties in the summer, and it’s something fun that you can do with your friends too.

What You’ll Need for a SunPatiens Planting Party

Have a terracotta pot for each of your guests or have them bring their own pots to decorate. Supply them with SunPatiens, potting soil, and paint and other decorative items so that they can personalize their planters. Chalk paint and markers are always a hit!


Having a SunPatiens planting party is a great way to be creative together and share good conversation. I like to serve light snacks and either a nice summer cocktail or some tea and lemonade. For a special touch, use SunPatiens blooms as a garnish for your drinks. They add a touch of fun to something that can otherwise seem ordinary.


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